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Periodontal Maintenance


Periodontal disease is a chronic (long-lasting) problem. It can return if you don't get regular follow-up care. You also must pay careful attention to oral hygiene at home.


Maintenance usually includes visits with your dentist, or hygienist. They may occur two to four times a year. How often you go will depend on several factors:

  • Whether you have mild, moderate or severe periodontal disease

  • Whether your disease tends to come back

  • Whether your risk of periodontal disease is higher than average.


A typical maintenance visit may include:

  • A periodontal examination

  • A look at the amount of plaque on your teeth

  • An evaluation of your oral hygiene and review of home care

  • Cleaning and polishing of your teeth, including the removal of plaque, calculus (tartar) and stains

  • X-rays

  • Treatment of tooth sensitivity