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Reach FlossersFlossing is very important, although many people don't do it regularly. At Platinum Dental inTyler we stress the importance of flossing. Studies show that flossing regularly can increase you life by 6 years. People don't floss for a variety of reasons; the main one being it's too hard to get it around their hands and in their mouth. There are many tools to help. The Reach Flosser, shown on the left, holds the floss for you. It has a special head allowing you to use the handle and never put your hands in your mouth. Another tool is a dental pick (floss on one end and a pick on the other).  There are many on the market today and they all work very well. The main thing to look for in your dental products is the ADA accepted seal.


Another tool we recommend frequently is a Waterpik. Studies show that it removes 99.9% of plaque. It also removes 3x more plaque than brushing and flossing alone when using the orthodontic tip on a person with braces. We recommend them so often that we keep them in the office for patients to buy as a convenience.